We are specialists in healing with Ayahuasca

We are a 100% local and indigenous owned Ayahuasca retreat

Ikaro Ayahuasca Retreat prides itself on providing special, spiritual and transcendental experiences to all of our patients. Our crew will give their 100% to help you connect with your divinity, your inner being, mother earth and the universe, no matter if you are a family, a group of friends or a single person. We pride ourselves on being sustainable and responsible with society, animals and the planet. We welcome all our Ayahuasca lovers as we kindly call our patients and we are eager to introduce you to the unconditional love of mother Ayahuasca.


Why us


  • The best place for an Ayahuasca retreat: Our retreat is located in the Amazon jungle of Cusco, just 5 hours from Machu Picchu.
  • Proper Ayahuasca Retreat House: It is a comfortable, immersive, authentic, unforgettable and safe place.
  • Authentic Amazonian shamans: We work with shamans with extensive experience helping and healing people; most of them belong to the Matsigenka and Ashaninka tribe.
  • Small group of participants: We only have spots for a maximum of 10 people per week, at the time of performing an Ayahuasca ceremony there is a great concentration of energies, frequencies and experiences. Therefore, the most adequate for a good work of the shaman is to have a group of 2 to 10 people.
  • Your safety is our top priority: Our coordinators are constantly trained by firefighters and physicians in first aid and CPR. We also have a contract with a local hospital, for any emergency. Fortunately, so far we have never had a moment of risk.
  • Passion for what we do: We have an amazing crew that will be available 24/7 for anything you need. They are all very kind and attentive.
  • Affordable prices: For the place where our retreat is located, the service that our shamans offer, all the connection activities that we carry out and the logistics that we have, the prices of our ceremonies are very affordable.
  • Our social and environmental projects: We believe that giving back to the community, helping the most defenseless people and animals, and healing our planet with environmental projects, should not be done just because it is good for marketing and sales, but because it is the right way to do things and because it is born from the heart to create a better place for our children and grandchildren.



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